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on vacation at home

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It’s always a breath of fresher air when my people come to visit.  This time it was my dearest girlfriend Marcia from long-long ago and far-far away. Our story goes back to  anxious preadolescent years when we spent every waking moment trying to grow up too fast.  Marcia’s got the most peaceful, pacifying demeanor.  You know that friend whose company you’re just relaxed in?  There’s no pressure to make her feel comfortable in anyway because she already is.  Just, happy.  Smiling.  Being herself and just letting you, be you.

When we weren’t day-dreaming about the fabulous old Hollywood themed hotel she stayed in we reminisced about old unforgettable boyfriends, life-changing teachers and good ole friends.  The rest of our time we indulged in dirty delicious food.  The kind that spends a moment on your lips and a lifetime on your hips.  I know I know, we know…


Being the “responsible” adults that we’ve grown up to become we took our party of two to Soul-Cycle for a nice sweat sesh, at the crack of dawn.  And then we threw caution to the wind and ended up at The Griddle for one last hurrah before she bolted town.

It was the most refreshing twenty four hours.  I felt like I was on vacation even though I was always twenty minutes from my own front door.

Come back Marcia.

Life, Love, Lunge,



[New York] Perfectly Unplanned/1


I’m back from visiting my people, the New Yorkers.  It was a divine trip.  Totally unplanned, completely unchartered, freely moving from moment to moment, like a jelly fish.  What was so awesome about not having a schedule was the freeness I had in each moment, there was no self induced pressure to be anywhere particular or by a certain time or feel like I had to do something.

 I’ve been on exhausting vacations that had longer to do lists than the Duchess of Cambridge.  But not this time, this was like having many little Sundays, you know when most people relax and wander.  This lead me to a euphoria of gab sessions with my bff Anise, we ate pizza and oxtail, and watched movies, and played dress up.  Like we were teenagers again.

And then there was mom, who nursed me back to health after the flu gut punched me into bed for four days.  She brought me tea and breakfast and lunch and and mints, medicine and vix and more medicine and ginger and tissue and even a heater, and everything I didn’t need.  And my dad got involved too, all the way from South America.  It was like I was three again.  I loved it, every moment. Her heart!

Then unthinkable happened, out of nowhere my bff Shirvin swooped in on New Year’s eve so I wouldn’t spend it alone.  And because he and I both live in semi tropical environments we had headed to the nearest pharmacy at 3am for every kind of congestion relief medicine we could find.  A 24hr. pharmacy…ahhh…I miss the ridiculous insatiable convenience of New York.

But there’s more to tell… same time tomorrow?

Life and love,


that gorgeous dive

Free falling

matching luggage

One of the grown up purchases I need to make soon is for matching luggage.  The current hodge podge mix’n matchin’ doesn’t have the seamless appearance of color blocking.  In other side of this coin… it’s been a couple of days I’ve had cabin fever, I’m done figuring out different ways to eat the same chicken.  I’m almost shamelessly through the entire box of cookies, I think it had about fifty cookies, possible more.  I thought about riding today and then I followed that up with the thought of going for a run.  Then I jumped back into bed.  And right now all I could think of is seeing my people.  My family.  My friends.  I’m not sure how I got here but suddenly with no plans, I’m heading home.



Feeling a little…

relax in bath

Woke up late, barely made it to Turbo kick, afterward met with the girls and did some serious workouts.  And the workouts were so serious we smelled like boys when we were done.  In fact, Roxanne couldn’t take it anymore and rushed home to shower.  It’s Christmas time!

So I’ve been watching reruns of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and my soaps.  I’ve eaten way too many cookies, haven’t brushed my hair in days, and if I put down the dates that wouldn’t be so bad either.

Now a bath would be in order.


Happy Holidays!


Just sometimes

True Love in Pictures

Over the past two years there’ve been so many times that I couldn’t imagine fitting a boyfriend into my life.  And as a former always in a relationship kind of girl that was miraculous in itself.  But somehow I’ve really discovered the joys of being solo, none of which I could think of right this second because sometimes there are moments, like this very moment during the holidays when everyone’s all mushy for extended periods of time.  There are moments, very fleeting, but nonetheless moments when I wonder… where’s my guy?




A space to be

It’s the first post.  The “hello world” post that’s often the toughest one to write because there’s no one listening and you’re not sure what you want to say first.  Since this is not my first I’ll just tell you that I just needed a place to have some space.  To breathe, to be, to post whatever I wanted without having it fit into a particular category or make cohesive sense or be journalistically sound.  This is where I can just write and post whatever  whateva I wish.

I plan to just share.  I will warn you that at times there will be talk about healthy stuff, and life stuff, and love stuff.  And, there might be plenty pictures of flowers.  Yes, I said, plenty.

So, that’s it.

Hello World!